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  • JURRY, FOO (FSSK UMS, 2022-04-01)
  • JURRY, FOO (FSSK UMS, 2022-04-01)
  • RODRIGUES, KENNETH (2018-10-15)
    Bioprocessing involves the production, packaging and delivery of biological molecules for human or animal consumption.Product Quality is a critical component of the production system.Product Quality is driven by customer ...
  • Mohd Ali, Siti Aishah; Latip, Jalifah; Zainal Abidin, Satirah (2019)
    Phenolics content of two roselle varieties, H. sabdariffa var. UKMR-2 and H. sabdariffa var. UMKL-1 was determined based on High Performance Liquid Chromatographic method using a photodiode array detector (HPLC-PDA) with ...
  • Liew, Thor Seng; Ahsam@Miskam, Md Hafizi; Ahmad, Mahadirin; Dris, Mohd Azhar (Institute for Tropical Biology and Conservation Universiti Malaysia Sabah, 2019-12-12)
    This book contain step-by-step flows of basic functionalities of SmartUMS. These functionalities can be leverage to help you to implement more progressive learning approach, such as blended learning, student centered ...
  • Ibrahim, Intan Soliha; Jemon, Salmie (2022)
    To support National Policy on Inclusive Open Educational Resources (iOER), we developed an iOER material called Radio: History & Characteristics. This material is derived from the Radio Production 1 course. Each slide ...
  • Megawati, Mohd Yunus; NurRamziahrazanah, Jumat (2019-05)
    penerangan tentang amalan dibulan ramadhan
  • Megawati, Mohd Yunus; NurRamziahrazanah, Jumat (2019-05)
    Penerangan tentang makna ramadhan
  • Lokin, Siti Aidah; Esa, Mohd Sohaimi; Ibrahim, Mohd Azri; Abang Muis, Abang Mohd Razif; Mokhtar, Saifulazry; Othman, Irma Wani; Mohd Tamring, Budi Anto; Karulus, Yusten; Beddu Asis, Abdul Hair; Ationg, Romzi; Sharif Adam, Sharifah Darmia; Putung, Siti Halimah (2022-10-17)
    Kursus ini mempersiapkan pelajar untuk menghayati etika dan peradaban yang wujud dalam masyarakat kepelbagaian etnik di Malaysia untuk memperteguhkan pemikiran kritikal dan analitikal mereka bagi menangani kehidupan yang ...
  • Yap, Jin Yi (2023)
    We report case of a young gentleman who presented with bilateral lower limb weakness and associated with bilateral ophthalmoplegia and reduced optic nerve function. His anti-GQ1b antibody was found to be positive, hence, ...
  • Bin Rahim, Mahathir Mohamad; Hong Loong, Ang (advisor) (UMS OER, 2023-08-01)
    Promotional Video Creation on Razer Blackshark V2
  • Tanalol, Siti; Byvely; Syaza; Hasif; Farah Izzati; Faqhriah (2020)
  • Gom, Daria; Jiony, Mary Monica (YouTube, 2018-09-03)
    You will meet a diversity of workforce in your career. Being able to accept differences and understand cultures are important for organizational success. This educational video discusses the various cultural variations ...
  • Bade, Abdullah; Ming Kai, Liew (2022-12-20)
    In digital image, edge is the area that shows the boundary between two regions. It is formed when there is a sudden change of intensity within the digital image. In order to identify the edges, edge detection is used. Among ...
    The recruitment and selection process in Airasia
  • Chun Lee, Noor faziedah; Anak Alister Australia, Christianne Rose; Awang Sari, Dayangku Iskandar Nurulain; Petrus, Vannessa Vianney; Madowan, Marvinah; Haider, Norsofea (2021-01-28)
    Analysis of the recruitment and selection process in Starbucks
  • Teresa Rinda, Anak Julai; Chin, Kim On (UMS, 2022-03-01)
    The idea to propose a Smart Bottle Recycler is to aid the number of plastic waste, typically plastic bottle concerns in the society. This project is to mainly create a Smart Bottle Recycler that can accepts plastic bottles, ...
  • Chew, Tze Cheng (YouTube, 2020-11-29)
    An educational video on regional economic integration.
  • Nyein Yin, Khin (2020)
    Objectives Children with learning disabilities are at risk of having visual–motor integration (VMI) deficits. VMI is essential for handwriting performance. Hand writing difficulty is the most common purpose of referral ...

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