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  • RODRIGUES, KENNETH (2018-10-15)
    Bioprocessing involves the production, packaging and delivery of biological molecules for human or animal consumption.Product Quality is a critical component of the production system.Product Quality is driven by customer ...
  • Liew, Thor Seng; Ahsam@Miskam, Md Hafizi; Ahmad, Mahadirin; Dris, Mohd Azhar (Institute for Tropical Biology and Conservation Universiti Malaysia Sabah, 2019-12-12)
    This book contain step-by-step flows of basic functionalities of SmartUMS. These functionalities can be leverage to help you to implement more progressive learning approach, such as blended learning, student centered ...
  • Megawati, Mohd Yunus; NurRamziahrazanah, Jumat (2019-05)
    penerangan tentang amalan dibulan ramadhan
  • Megawati, Mohd Yunus; NurRamziahrazanah, Jumat (2019-05)
    Penerangan tentang makna ramadhan
  • Tanalol, Siti; Byvely; Syaza; Hasif; Farah Izzati; Faqhriah (2020)
  • Gom, Daria; Jiony, Mary Monica (YouTube, 2018-09-03)
    You will meet a diversity of workforce in your career. Being able to accept differences and understand cultures are important for organizational success. This educational video discusses the various cultural variations ...
    The recruitment and selection process in Airasia
  • Chun Lee, Noor faziedah; Anak Alister Australia, Christianne Rose; Awang Sari, Dayangku Iskandar Nurulain; Petrus, Vannessa Vianney; Madowan, Marvinah; Haider, Norsofea (2021-01-28)
    Analysis of the recruitment and selection process in Starbucks
  • Chew, Tze Cheng (YouTube, 2020-11-29)
    An educational video on regional economic integration.
  • Khin Mya, Nang (University Malaysia Sabah, 2020-12-12)
    For students who will sit professional exit exam
  • F.RODRIGUES, KENNETH (2020-12-21)
  • F.RODRIGUES, KENNETH (2020-12-21)
  • Rodrigues, Kenneth (You Tube, 2018-03-01)
    The video describes the process of RNA extraction from plant tissue.
  • GIAP WENG, NG (2018-08-15)
    The general objective of this research is to add-on the possibility of implementing advance interactive of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality and other multimedia features on mobile-based travel guide application. It ...
  • Albert Lasuin, Charlie; Omar, Azizah (2021-06)
    The pandemic named COVID-19 has struck drastically into almost everywhere around the world, leaving great devastating human population. The pandemic caused the domino effect into all nations particularly on their political, ...
  • SDLC 
    Chun Lee, Noor faziedah; Ajang, Rose Usun; Robert, Rose Mary; Gauhin, Steffa Isle; Jailani, Jasson Jack; Sawir, Thre Nor Afiza; Gau, Sharon David; Mad Kampong, Nurhayati (2021-01-28)
    SDLC is an acronym of the Systems /Software Development Life Cycle. Its a process of creating software in the shortest time with the highest quality at a lower cost.
  • Mansur, Kassim; Pazim, Khairul Hanim (2021-07-01)
    The COVID-19 has shook all organizations significantly, creating a complex and hard environment for any organization. Workers are generally concerned about their jobs during a pandemic. As a result, it is critical that ...
  • Sieman, JONY; Christopher, Lim (2019-04)
    The ability to perform a correct and proper physical examination is fundamental for a clinician. As part of a neurological examination, the (general somatic) sensory system examination will enable clinicians to: find the ...

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