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  • Gom, Daria; Jiony, Mary Monica (2019-10-30)
    This video lecture discusses the purpose and content of the job application letter, the three stages in an interview, types of interviews and the various media used to interview.
  • Gom, Daria; Jiony, Mary monica (2019-10-30)
    This video explains the three stages in the interview process, following-up after the interview and receiving the job offer.
  • Gom, Daria; Jiony, Mary monica (2019-12-07)
    This video explains what a job interview is, the purpose and the two vital information an employer looks for in a job candidate during an interview.
  • Ibrahim Lastar, Aminuddin (2021-01)
    The objective of this study was to examine the different role of parenting styles adopted by Sabahan parents that may contribute to the occurrences of aggressive behaviors amongst children who viewed violent television ...
  • Fong Soon Fook; Kenneth Francis Rodrigues; Salmie Jemon @ Suhaina; Mohd Zulfadhlee Abdul Nasyir (Pusat e-Pembelajaran Universiti Malaysia Sabah, 2020)
  • Yusof, Nur Athirah (2019)
    Progress in clinical diagnostic virology for virus identification has been remarkable. Traditional techniques for virus isolation have been refined, and new alternative methods have been developed. This module will discuss ...
  • Gom, Daria; Jiony, Mary Monica; Tanakinjal, Geoffrey Harvey (YouTube, 2019-10-30)
    This video defines vision and mission statements and explains the characteristics and elements of a clear vision and mission statements. Some examples of corporate organizations' vision and mission statements are presented.
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    Johraime Jumari; Siti Zulaiha Sahar; Nor Hidayu Bt Mohamad Zamri; Clara Cornelia Benekdtus Beni; Nely Binti Hasani; Emylia Noor Wirah; Nor Azimah Mubin (2016)
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    Mazirah Binti Malanting; Arabiah Binti Sabando; Noor Fazilah Binti Mohd Zaid; Siti Haslinah Binti Isning; Nur Fauzun Binti Pandorog; Nursuhana Binti Badi (2016)
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    Dinna Malina Gikol; Nur Ann Madliee; Puguneswary A/P Christopher William; Siti Shazelilah Hazneh; Surianti Mohd Akib (2016)
  • Renee Debra Leonard; Ervina Floris Mojutan; Sharie Viannie Leprus; Feviana Nata Sara Jeffers; Fahimatul Fuadi Binti Romzi (2016)
  • Jamal, Amer Azlan Abdul (2020-07-28)
  • Sharifuddin, Nur Alia Balkis; Abdullah, Borhan (2020)
  • Ali, Syarifah Hanum (Youtube, 2021-02-09)
    In this video, the artist draws an idea in a cartoon entitled "WFO vs WFH". This video shows the process of drawing a simple cartoon from the first step to the end. The artist used Pharrell Williams' song Happy as the ...
  • Jiony, Mary Monica; Gom, Daria (2019-11-25)
    This video clip shares some insights on employers' expectations related to choosing the right candidate for employment.
  • Jawing, Esther (2019-10-29)
    What is GVScapes? Follow this link to learn more about GVScapse.
  • Jawing, Esther (2019-10-29)
    What is GVScapes? A new approach to learn grammar and vocabulary via gamification. The 21st century learning approach advocates the integration of technology for more interactive teaching and learning activities. The ...
  • Jiony, Mary Monica; Gom, Daria (2019-09-18)
    Shares the importance of communication.
  • Jiony, Mary Monica; Gom, Daria (2020)
    The importance of good business communication

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