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  • Jamal, Amer Azlan Abdul (2020-07-28)
  • Sharifuddin, Nur Alia Balkis; Abdullah, Borhan (2020)
  • Ali, Syarifah Hanum (Youtube, 2021-02-09)
    In this video, the artist draws an idea in a cartoon entitled "WFO vs WFH". This video shows the process of drawing a simple cartoon from the first step to the end. The artist used Pharrell Williams' song Happy as the ...
  • Jiony, Mary Monica; Gom, Daria (2019-11-25)
    This video clip shares some insights on employers' expectations related to choosing the right candidate for employment.
  • Jawing, Esther (2019-10-29)
    What is GVScapes? Follow this link to learn more about GVScapse.
  • Jawing, Esther (2019-10-29)
    What is GVScapes? A new approach to learn grammar and vocabulary via gamification. The 21st century learning approach advocates the integration of technology for more interactive teaching and learning activities. The ...
  • Jiony, Mary Monica; Gom, Daria (2019-09-18)
    Shares the importance of communication.
  • Jiony, Mary Monica; Gom, Daria (2020)
    The importance of good business communication
  • Jailani, Jasson Jack; Mahmud, Roslinah (2020-03-01)
    This poster describe the workers outsourcing issues
  • Gom, Daria; Jiony, Mary Monica (YouTube, 2018-11-05)
    This video presents the steps on how to write a persuasive resume and the various types of resumes that we can use in our job application.
  • Mya, Nang (, 2020-04-15)
    Students were discussed online regarding the learning issues given to them
  • Megawati, Mohd Yunus; Azlinah, Matawali (2019-03)

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