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  • Mohd Ali, Siti Aishah; Payus, Carolyn M.; Leong Wan, Vun; Adnan, Farrah Anis F. (Faculty of Science & Natural Resources, 2021-09)
    This book seeks to provide guidance and instructions for undergraduate students of Environmental Science Programme, Faculty of Science and Natural Resources (FSSA). Our aim in writing this guideline is to assist the ...
  • Bacho, Zuliana (2024-03-17)
    This lecture aims to teach students the basics of human nutrition, focusing on the roles of different nutrients in the body and their impact on overall health. Students will understand the connection between nutrition and ...
  • Aye Aye, Wynn (FPSK, 2024-03-15)
    Colonic diverticulum is an acquired outpouching of colon, It is common in sigmoid colon and descending colon. It is commonly complicated by perforation, pericolic abscess and fistula formation.
  • Bacho, Zuliana (2024-03-14)
    Ms. Zuliana Bacho, a lecturer with over 18 years of experience in sports science, introduces herself to her students. Ms. Zuliana's expertise spans various aspects of sports science, including exercise physiology, corrective ...
  • Gopoit, Haryantie (2024-03-14)

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