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  • Lim, Beatrice; Pazim, Khairul Hanim; Abdullah, Borhan; Mahmud, Roslinah; Boroh, Rostika Petrus (Human Resource Economics Program, 2021-06-30)
    A collection of photos from International Seminar on Human Resource Economics 2021 (ISHRE2021) held on 30 June 2021. ISHRE2021 was organized by the Human Resource Economics Program, Faculty of Business, Economics and ...
  • Mansur, Kassim; Pazim, Khairul Hanim (2021-07-01)
    The COVID-19 has shook all organizations significantly, creating a complex and hard environment for any organization. Workers are generally concerned about their jobs during a pandemic. As a result, it is critical that ...
  • Pazim, Khairul Hanim; Lim, Beatrice (2022-07-15)
    This collection of mind maps on the factors affecting labour participation among women is one of the class activities in BH33103 Introduction to Human Resource Economics done in Semester II, 2021/22
  • Pazim, Khairul Hanim (2022-07-15)
    The mind maps were created by students from BH31303 Applied Human Resource Economics as part of their class activity.
  • Pengiran Bagul, Awangku Hassanal Bahar; Abdul Karim, Mohd Rahimie; Lada, Suddin; Awang Razli, Izyanti; Petrus Boroh, Rostika; Abdullah, Borhan; Abdul Halim, Muhammad Adzham Fathy; Hong Loong, Ang; Andi Kele, Andi Tamsang; Thomas, Bibianah; Mohtar, Tini Maizura; Pinjaman, Saizal; Dousin, Oscar; Lee Chen Hiun, Andy; Abu Bakar, Mohd Allif Anwar; Jonut, Christiana; Datu Datuk Eranza, Datu Razali; Saikim, Fiffy Hanisdah; U. Alcaide, Marge; Umezawa, Hirohito; Yaakop, Azizul Yadi; Mohd Noor, Khairunneezam; Abd Halim, Norhazliza; Hao, Liu; Chiong, Jonathan; Justine, Jainurin (2022-09-28)
    This book is a collection of abstracts and slides from the Sustainability Seminar 2022 with the theme Accelerating Sustainability in Research. This is the eighth year of the seminar, where the first one was organised in ...
  • Nor Azma, Rahlin; Rudy, Ansar (Faculty of Business, Economics and Accountancy, 2023-04-01)
    This edited book consists of 13 interesting topics focusing on the related topic pertaining to cleanliness in the context of international business. The contents are based on literature review studies conducted on cleanliness ...
  • Rahlin, Nor Azma (OER, UMS, 2023-04-01)
  • Rahlin, Nor Azma (OER, UMS, 2023-04-01)
  • Rahlin, Nor Azma (OER, UMS, 2023-04-01)
  • Nor Azma, Rahlin (OER, UMS, 2023-09-12)

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